Competency Assessment

This is a unique assessment model to test the skills of QA teams. COMPASS highlights the specific competencies needed in the area of Test Engineering. The intent of COMPASS is to break down the competency areas in Test Engineering and then assess for the same competencies with a written test.

The specific key competencies required by Test personnel vary according to the roles within the hierarchy of the Test Division/Organization. Typical roles would be Test Engineer, Test Lead, and Test Manager. The competencies required to perform each role is different. Therefore, it is not merely pass or fail but it is assessed and rated with different sets of written tests across multiple dimensions of Test Engineering.

Over the years, we have put together a body of knowledge that can identify the key competencies for each role with respect to job profiles.

CREAM™ - Competency Model for Results
We have evolved an innovative competency model - CREAM™ - and implemented this model in-house successfully to harness people skills for right team formulation at appropriate levels, i.e., strategizing and building test plans, designing test cases/scenarios, and executing test cases in SDLC. Fine graining people skills by breaking down the skill requirements helps to meet on-demand competency requirements and fast ramp-up.

CREAM™ uses COMPASS™ as its underlying assessment model of people skills, and aligns effectiveness, efficiency and maturity of testing in delivering results. In addition, CREAM™ provides savings in hiring/training, assembling and deploying personnel with the right skills and maturity to deliver excellence.

We work in collaboration with functional specialist in various domains, i.e., banking, healthcare, and telecom, who contribute their expertise in our pursuit to provide clean software to clients.

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