PiORION enables clients to deal effectively with peak loads by providing consulting at their locations for a specific period of time or for an entire project. The types of consulting provided are:

Technical and Functional Consulting
PiORION's certified and trained consultants offer technical and functional advice and service. The consultants have specialized skills on domains such as healthcare, finance, insurance, and project management. The experience levels range from three and 20 years and are capable of delivering all aspects of the project life cycle.

The experts in consulting provide the following services:

  • Short term onsite consulting services
  • Project lifecycle wide technical and functional consulting
  • Functional consulting in healthcare, finance, insurance, project management, and IT infrastructure management

Project Management
PiORION offers a range of project management consulting services designed to help your organization achieve its
business plan objectives.

We follow a unique process to manage projects that improves efficiency of the project teams at multiple locations.

  • Assess location capabilities
  • Define process to communicate with team(s)
  • Assess the requirement
  • Identify and mitigate risks with respect to resource, execution, and technology, etc.
  • Reporting project status and highlighting problem areas in execution cost and schedule
  • Quality tracking
  • Consolidate configuration and change management to one location
  • Create safe processes in delivery, implementation, and acceptance

Management Consulting
PiORION Provides Management Consulting professionals with extensive Top Tier Management and IT Consulting experience supporting Fortune 100 companies and focuses on addressing Executive management issues and concerns such as:

IT Strategy and organization Alignment Defining of divisional IT strategies and centralized services (IT infrastructure) and planning.
IT Governance:operating Model, Organization Structure Develop a federal/ state based organizational model for centralized/decentralized decision authority.
Sourcing and Off-Shore Strategy and Plan Develop and implement a sourcing plan that tightly integrates off-shore resources with on-shore skills and development planning. Also, define the off-shore strategy and create a plan to implement it.
Business and IT Architecture
Define the business processes based application, data, and technical architecture.
Project Management Methodology Implementation Develop and implement a "Best Practices" based project management methodology and training program.
Project Prioritization and Portfolio Risk Management Develop the IT portfolio prioritization along with resource allocation processes. Develop a Project Portfolio Risk management framework for improved Risk Assessment and Mitigation.
Stage Gates and Quality/
Performance Assessments
Implement an IT governance model, including Project Performance Assessment and IT Estimating Processes and Project Phase Based Funding and Gating Frameworks.
Performance Metrics and Balanced Scorecards Implement project metrics and dashboards for management and executive level reporting.

The core mechanism of our Consulting/Management is our efficient Resource Management System. The extent of our Consulting/Management is determined by our clients need which varies from overall consulting and project management of the entire project or partnering in specific parts of the project to staffing a few key contract positions depending on the needs. Our clients' needs are met efficiently and effectively by PiORION ability to:

  • Maintain a high quality and diverse talent base
  • Continually increase the skill base to match market changes and needs
  • Identify, globally deploy, and retain recruited talent in an expedient manner
  • Provide pricing proportional to the quality of the resource
  • Utilizing our availability of talent base that is highly knowledgeable in the industry verticals which we provide consulting in
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