Quality Assurance

Software quality test engineering is a critical link as an activity and as a process. Testing is the essential instrument for making this process happen. Effective testing provides a company a "competitive edge" over its competitors.

As your Quality Assurance partner PiORION participates in and helps our clients with a wide range of services at all stages of the Software Development Life Cycle. "A one stop shop" for all testing activities!

Types Of Tests Applications Client Benefits
Functional testing Web applications Focus on core activities i.e. software development
Load/Stress testing Client-Server Achieve 24x7 productivity
Performance testing Enterprise applications Easy management of sudden increase in testing requirements
Volume testing Application frameworks Process expertise available
Scalability testing API frameworks Assure quality, confidence, and on time software release
Documentation testing Embedded systems Full test coverage
Installation testing Real-time systems Faster time to market
GUI testing   Quicker ramp-up test needs
Reliability testing   Lower establishment cost
Configuration testing    
Compatibility testing    
Usability testing    
Beta testing    


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