Support Services

PiORION's support professionals help you cut costs and complexity of supporting applications, hardware, networks and knowledge in the organizations. We can simplify your unique IT needs with single point solutions and with flexible plans. The support services provided are:

Application support services
PiORION's application support services address the challenges of companies in managing their portfolios of mission critical applications. They include the ERP, CRM, SCM, custom built applications, email services, and office applications. Database management, server management, network management, and infrastructure management are key services that help in keeping these applications running 24x7.

Some of the services provided by PiORION include:

  • Tailor made application support and maintenance
  • Database administration and support

Technical support services
PiORION provides technical support for continuity in operations of hardware and software investments of companies.

Some of the services provided by PiORION are:

  • Server administration
  • Backup and recovery
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Preventive maintenance

Knowledge management
The Knowledge Management Consulting Team offers clients to collect, organize, utilize, and archive the enterprise knowledge base to share intelligence, improve performance, and increase the level of innovation in business operations. Information on servers, desktops, and clients need to be captured and knowledge networks should be created to help everyone in the organization updated with required information.

The knowledge management services provided is:

  • Knowledge assessment
  • Create a strategy for structuring knowledge areas
  • Building knowledge repository
  • Manage knowledge repository


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