Global business is undergoing changes every day. There are more and more innovations, different ways of doing things as well as constantly facing new challenges. It becomes imperative that every individual and enterprise embrace these changes and adopt these new capabilities. One of the areas that can educate each of us about changed circumstances is training. PiORION has embarked on training scenarios to provide individuals and organizations a strong foundation in select functional areas.

PiORION provides a comprehensive education environment to individuals and enterprises, offering training that is customized to the varied needs of audiences with diverse backgrounds. The Training Division creates innovative learning materials, conducts training workshops and organizes lectures to promote the formal body of knowledge required to deliver excellence.

Our Training Division Focuses On The Fundamentals That Are Essential To The Following Functional Areas:

Career Development:

Test Engineering
Among the various aspects of the software development lifecycle, software quality deserves a special mention since this forms the pillar of the efficiency for the programs developed. As demonstrated in all walks of life, quality of performance is paramount to leading by example.

Software Testing is Serious Business
Testing software is not an ad-hoc process. There is science and engineering behind testing techniques. Mere knowledge of test tools is not enough because testing is not just automation. A good test engineer must have a strong theoretical foundation in the science and engineering of testing and in addition, have a comprehensive understanding of various tools. Test engineering techniques help you create an efficient test plan, design effective test cases, measure quality, build robust automation, and set up a pragmatic process.

Program Objectives
This program prepares test engineers to plan, design, document, and execute tests independently and effectively. You will also be conversant with the testing terminology, software development lifecycle, and process models; and be made aware of the popular tools available in the market.

At the end of program, you will have a solid foundation in test engineering that allows you to:

  • Understand and apply black-box and white-box techniques
  • Design, document, and execute test scenarios/cases
  • Describe defects clearly and understand how to analyze defects
  • Understand the test process, test lifecycle, and people roles
  • Report test progress and results effectively
  • Have a good exposure to test tools and automation

Project Management Essentials
Given critical dependencies that exist on individual projects and between multiple engagements and projects, Project Managers must ensure timely and coordinated delivery of business-oriented solutions. This course provides the foundation to help the project manager.

Practitioner’s Course on Project Management Essentials
This comprehensive project management workshop is an intensive, interactive, hands-on course providing aspiring project managers with the skills, knowledge and tools to be successful. This workshop provides sound techniques for planning, estimating, tracking and controlling projects. The textbook techniques are built on a foundation of real-life experiences. Participants in this course gain far more than a re-play of the typical training course. Throughout the course, attendees participate in realistic team simulations that enhance their skills.

This course conforms to the nine Project Management Knowledge areas from Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). It also provides excellent preparation for taking the Project Management Professional (PMP) examination.

Program Objectives
This program aims to prepare each participant as a project manager. They will return to work with all the basic project management help needed to get their projects and their career off the ground and running. Attendees will develop leadership and communication skills as a by-product and will be able to directly apply what they have learned in their day-to-day roles.

Soft Skills Courses – Culture Acclimatization

The focus of our training courses is to drive-home the concepts in the most practical manner. As a result, our trainees are equipped with knowledge of real-life environments for the topics covered.

The training methodology consists of effective use of various tools such as classroom, lab work, audio and video equipment relevant for the training course.

Please contact us for our latest course offerings or for any customized training needs.

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